Winch-On Boat Lifts
When you day of boating fun and sun has ended, pulling onto the EZ Dock boat lift is as simple as loading it onto a roller bed trailer.  Simply idle up and winch your boat onto the lift. This lift will keep your boat high and dry - free from impacts, floating debris, algae and barnacles.

The EZ Dock boat lift system is engineered for most fiberglass V-style hull boats.  Multiple adjustable rollers can accommodate boats with a 14 to 21 degree dead-rise angle.  By positioning the rollers in four possible configurations on two trays, eight different heights can be achieved to suit your needs.

You can configure regular EZ Dock sections to create a horseshoe-shaped docking system for watercraft including pontoons, catamarans and even seaplanes.  Let us help you customize a system to fit your needs.
Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable polyurethane rollers

  • High-quality winch system

  • Protective bow stop

  • Modular intermediate section

  • Sculpted stern section aids loading and unloading

  • Low maintenance

  • Cool beige color

  • Boat launching strap (for specific applications)