Floating Dock Applications

Nelson's EZ Dock provides solutions to all your indoor and outdoor needs.

Riverbank / Residential / Property Development

Whether you have a lakeside cottage, a cabin on a riverbank or you are involved with a homeowners association, Nelson's EZ Dock can create a dock system tailored for your needs. Let us help you make sense of dock permits,  local codes, environmental considerations and water conditions that may impact your ultimate designed. We are a factory trained authorized dealership.

Marinas / Boat Ramps

Whether you need two slips or 2000, Nelson's EZ Dock will be your dedicated marine design engineer to help you navigate the process.  We will help you understand the challenges that come with development or replacement while helping to ensure you meet all local codes and requirements.

Nelson's EZ Dock can offer you years of experience to help design and select products that will provide the best solution to your docking needs.


Increase profits with access for patrons arriving by boat, or provide close-ups of water views. Nelson's EZ Dock will work with you to provide a safe and stable waterfront accessibility option for everyone. EZ Dock systems can be configured to conform to the latest ADA regulations.

EZ Dock keeps up with the latest trends and standards to give you options that make sense, increase traffic and add to your bottom line.

Parks / Camps / Recreational Areas

Remembering summer camp—swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and water skiing. We can create numerous dock systems that provide children and adults of all ages EZ access, including ADA accessibility to the water activities we all love.

Our maintenance free systems are designed specifically for places that do not have full-time staff or capabilities to handle year-round maintenance needs. In most cases, EZ Dock can be left in the water all year.  Ask if your scenario applies.

Hotel / Resort

We have numerous dock solutions for hotels and resorts.  These docks are used for fishing piers, PWC storage, boat rentals boat launches and boat shuttle points.

Contact Nelson's EZ Dock to get a free quote.

Farm Pond / Fishing Pier

Don't underestimate the power of a little added structure to your
favorite fishing hole. Throw a couple Christmas trees
under the dock and get ready to have a blast. Watch your
investment pay you back time and time again with the fish you
catch that you didn't even know were there. Another nice feature
of EZ Dock is the ability to add and rearrange pieces until you reach
the dock of your satisfaction.

State Parks / Observatories / EZ Trail

Wildlife habitats depend on our wetlands and we, in turn, need to respect their needs. EZ Dock sections allow light to penetrate through the dock, fostering plant growth that is essential to wildlife.  EZ Dock’s designs utilize our patented hollow sections that eliminates the use of foam for flotation. 

Foam can often be dangerous to wildlife when it deteriorates and breaks apart, leaving toxic pieces into the water. We develop our products to work in harmony with the environment -- not against it. EZ Dock contains no toxins or other ingredients that could harm wildlife like treated wood or foam filled products can.

Nelson's EZ Dock wants to emphasize that we can accommodate ALL
indoor and outdoor scenarios. Don't be afraid to ask. We would be
glad to help you find a solution.