Sunstream FloatLift™ Portable, Floating Boat Lifts
Picture of the Sunstream
Demo of how the Sunstream Lift works
Features & Benefits

  • The FloatLifts floats just like an EZ Dock. These 2 systems go hand in hand and provide the boating enthusiast a safe, fast and reliable solution to all his waterfront needs.
  • No permits are required because the FloatLift is not permanently installed.
  • AC or Solar. Go green with our solar charged power pack option.
  • No Boating Season Maintenance. The FloatLift is good to go after a brief yearly inspection. After that you can set it and forget it.
  • They are extremely reliable and easy to relocate.
  • Resale Value remains high even after years of use. The patented design has kept lower quality products off the floating boatlift market. Your FloatLift will retain value for years to come because of its simple, efficient and unsinkable design.
  • Let us tell you how to tie your FloatLift secure and you will be ready to go. It's as simple as that.
  • The addition of a HoverCover greatly decreases your boats contact with weather elements and reduces fading.
  • The remote controlled system gives your boatlift the "James Bond" effect.
The Sunstream FloatLift™ is the leading floating hydraulic boatlift worldwide.  It has set the standard with incredible speed, unsinkable floats, remote-control operation, and an optional solar charging power source.

Easy to operate
Operating the quiet, high-speed hydraulics with the remote control from your boat provides ultimate convenience and safety.  The FloatLift launches the boat in 20 seconds and lifts the boat out of the water in 30 seconds. 

Environmentally Friendly
The FloatLift’s unsinkable floats, and GravityLock; over-center design prevents the boat from accidentally lowering or sinking. The FloatLift meets all the latest codes and regulations set forth by all 50 states for all fresh and salt-water applications.

Anchoring and Depth Requirements
The FloatLift can be tied to a dock or connected to a mooring.  The hydraulics powered Floatlift runs off a battery that is charged by a solar panel or uses direct AC power.  The revolutionary design also allows for use in shallow water depths that were once thought to be to shallow. A minimum of 25-30 inches of water depth is needed depending on the weight of your boat.

HoverCover option
Reduce the fading of your boats interior with the addition of a HoverCover to the FloatLift.  The HoverCover fits tightly to the boat by lowering as the boat rises. Multiple HoverCover top colors available.

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Models ranging from 6,000 - 15,000 lb capacity available