Immediate Delivery & Installation

Nelson's EZ Dock is a stocking dealer. There is no waiting period for your product. If you want it today, we have that covered.

When you compare prices you should make a note of our Delivery and Installation charge. We will provide you with a quoted charge for Delivery and Installation. Dollar for dollar our product and customer service is the best value in our market. Competitors may not provide a quoted charge for delivery and installation. They may charge you by the hour from the time they leave the shop until the time your system is installed. That can add really quick. Nelson's EZ Dock has the equipment to get your dock in the water. We have the experience to install your dock with the proper kind/amount of anchoring to ensure maximum stability and warranty coverage. We pride ourselves in our customer service. It is what separates us from the rest of the market. Bottom Line. If we deliver and install your EZ Dock set up, you can be rest assured that it was done professionally, to your specifications and we will stand behind it.