Durable & Stable

EZ Dock’s patented flotation design creates suction and compression to increase stability.  When you walk on an EZ Dock, you will immediately notice the difference.  It’s not just floating, it’s actually creating stability by using the patented hollow chambers on the underside.
A view of the bottom and inside of an EZ Dock section reveals flotation chambers and an extra-heavy wall thickness that creates tremendous structural integrity.  Placement of these patented chambers also enhances the EZ Dock’s stability, making it the most stable dock on the market. The need for foam fillings and the environmental concerns related to them are completely eliminated.

Special connection couplers are designed to allow sections to move independently under high-stress conditions, yet provide unified stability.  Made with recycled material, the couplers are compounded to prevent fatigue problems. The composite coupler bolt and nut eliminate rusting in all water conditions.

U.S. Patent # 5,281,055

Part# 301100

EZ Dock’s polyethylene construction provides outstanding modularity, superb buoyancy, functionality, and safety. That makes for an extremely versatile dock system.  EZ Dock Applications can take place anywhere as we have secure anchoring systems for all applications. The beige color makes our docks more attractive, and helps them blend with the natural surroundings -- but most
importantly, it is cooler to the touch.